0800 and 0508 business toll free numbers

0800 and 0508 business toll free

Nothing says 'call us' like a toll free number. A Compass toll free number is an open invitation to contact you and in return for picking up the tab, you get a powerful tool to help you manage incoming calls as well as comprehensive insight into who is calling, when and from where.   


One toll free number. Calls from all over New Zealand.

Your 0800 or 0508 toll free number gives your customers one number to call, no matter where they are in New Zealand or whether they're calling from a landline, mobile phone or pay phone. 

Behind the scenes, you can use our geographic routing feature to direct those calls to your best, most cost efficient answering point based on your caller's location. If you sell overseas, we can even supply an international toll free number from 28 countries.  


Change your answer point by time of day.

Need to send your toll free calls to a different answering number out of hours? No problem. Time of day routing lets you change where your calls are answered by time of day and day of week.

For example, your business is open 8am to 6pm on weekdays and your receptionist answers calls to your toll free number. At 6pm on the dot, your toll free calls can switch to your out of hours message, or an on call mobile phone. Come 8am, they automatically switch back to your main answering point. Just set your schedule and let it run because Compass toll free numbers are even smart enough to know if it's a public holiday.


Powerful information at your fingertips.

Your toll free number comes complete with comprehensive reporting. You'll see how many calls were attempted and how many were answered. You'll know what your most popular time and day of week is, so you can make sure you have enough people to answer calls. You can even drill down to the individual numbers that called and how long they were on the phone.


If you look carefully, you'll see your accountant smiling.

Compass toll free numbers let your business do a top notch job of dealing with incoming calls - with or without help from a phone system - and they're a lot more affordable than you might think. Our toll free numbers start at just $25* + GST per month.

All they have to do is quote your Business when signing up and we'll take care of the rest.  

Thank you offer available to all Compass business customers. Welcome credit applies to new Compass business accounts only.

Complete business communications

Small to medium business specialists

When your business is in the 'small to medium' bracket, you're often pushed into generic business telecommunications packages.

Not here. We bring big business features to your business without the big business price tag.

Getting telecommunications right

Getting telecommunications right is so important for any business.

'Right' means different things to different businesses though, which is why Compass provides custom business solutions, not packages.