Your businesses IT infrastructure hosted and backed up in the cloud 

Save on expensive servers and maintenance by hosting your IT with us

If you run a small to medium sized business, you don’t always have the staff and resources available to manage your IT infrastructure in-house.

Buying, housing and maintaining expensive hardware such as a server and keeping up-to-date with new technology and licence upgrades can be a costly, time-consuming exercise. We provide tailored solutions to suit your business IT needs. 

Host your emails and software applications in a secure location and have the flexibility to access your computer resources whenever you need too in our Auckland Data Centre.



Cloud Hosted Solutionstelcoexpert

Compass can manage your IT network with cost-effective, low risk solutions that deliver what you need to run your business - its all done conveniently through the cloud.  

Tell us how your business works and we’ll put together a customised solution that will suit your business needs based on our range of cloud hosted solutions.

So you can get on with running your business.




Hosted Email

Instead of buying, running and managing your own email server take advantage of the flexibility to ‘pay as you go’ per mailbox, which is hosted in the cloud.


  • Anywhere exchange enables you to access your email from any device with internet access
  • Easily work from home or when you are travelling so you can keep in touch with your office and clients
  • Spam and virus protection is provided along with expert technical support
  • Flexibility to add mailboxes as and when your business needs


 Hosted Desktop

Ideal for remote workers or if you are unable to work at your normal premises - all you need is connection to the internet and your can access all your business information applications and programs from anywhere in the world.

We know keeping on top of licence and software upgrades can really eat into your budget and precious time – our solutions include automatic licence upgrades. 



Virtual Servers

With a virtual private server (VPS), hosted by us, your business shares an actual physical server with other customers, but you have your own dedicated slice of the ‘server pie’ at a fraction of the cost of investing in the actual hardware.

• Your allocated server space is kept separate from other customers so your business has its own operating system and resources with isolated security measures.

• Your files and information are located in a secure environment AWAY from your business - if your office is unreachable for any reason, you still have all your business information safe and sound at one of our two geographcially diverse data centres.



Online Back up


Revive online backup is the solution to bring back to life lost data such as emails, vital files, payroll records and customer data resulting from a computer crash, ransomware virus, theft of hardware, accidental deletion, or a critical event affecting business premises, such as a fire.

Revive automatically backs up all the important data from your servers and workstations to the cloud, on a schedule you set. Retrieval is so easy – either go online to restore the data or for large data volumes have it couriered out to you.

Revive's backup manager is straightforward to set up and simple to use. Just log in and tell it what to back up and how often then sit back and let Revive do its job.

After you've completed your first full backup, you can ask Revive to back up only new or changed files and emails, to speed up the process. If there's ever a problem completing a backup, Revive will let you know. 

The safety of your backups is our top priority. Revive allows you to access your business’ information at anytime. Your data is backed up to the security of our data centres in Auckland or Hamilton using 256-bit SSL transmission and encryption



Support is inherent in what we do.


With Compass cloud hosted solutions, you are covered under a service level agreement (SLA) for user support, incident & fault management & reporting, system performance, capacity planning and preventative maintenance.

Why Compass?

Great value
We balance cost with features and service to make sure we keep kiwis connected at the best prices we can offer, in as many places as possible.

We're here to help
If you need help with anything, you can call, email or live chat with us. We’re here 8am to 8pm Mon-Fri and 9am to 5:30pm Sat-Sun.

Switching to us
When you switch to Compass, you can expect us to work hard to connect you as quickly as possible and to keep you connected.

Fair and open
We will treat you fairly and be upfront with you. If something goes wrong, we will get it fixed for you as fast as we can.

Kiwi owned, kiwi operated
Every part of Compass is right here in New Zealand, from the customer care team who answer your calls and emails to the engineers who run our network.

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We're big enough to own and run our own network but small enough that your experience really matters to us.