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What is the cloud and how is it good for businesses?

We’re hearing the word ‘cloud’ more and more often... cloud backup, cloud storage, cloud hosting….. it’s all in the cloud and one of particular interest to businesses today is cloud phone systems. But just what is the cloud and how is it good for businesses?

In a nutshell, 'cloud' is using remotely located servers to manage and process your data or services, rather than using your own computer. Or, in the case of cloud phone systems, your own PABX.

You no longer need to buy and host all of your own IT infrastructure or software applications... you can use your internet connection to access services that are hosted on a network of servers that aren’t based in your own building... they’re in the cloud.

The cloud is just a network of servers but it’s what the cloud means to you that’s important.

Take our cloud based phone systems for example. You could chose to buy your own phone system and host the physical box in your own building. But unless you have a huge budget, you’re going to miss out on some of the really smart features that could help you run your business better.

Or, you could choose a cloud phone system where all you need to install are the phones on your desk and a good dedicated internet connection. Because you’re getting a centralised phone system served up to your business, it is packed with smart features, and you get upgrades and new features when we roll them out.

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