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Are toll free numbers just about picking up the tab for the call?

A toll free number is a must for any business that wants to encourage customers to call but there’s a lot more to these numbers than first meets the eye.

At its most simple, a toll free number sends every call to one phone number to be answered.

If you have more than one office though, our geographic routing feature lets you decide where each toll free call should be answered... based on where it’s coming from.

For example, one of our customers has a network of franchise outlets right throughout the country. Their toll free number delivers every call to the caller’s nearest outlet. That way, their customer gets to talk to the place that’s actually going to do the job.

Another feature many businesses find invaluable is time of day routing, which changes where your toll free calls are sent, based on time of day and day of week.

A commonly asked toll free question is - can you see where calls are coming from and what they’re costing? You sure can... we show you calls by region, by day and by hour and we even report on your longest and most expensive calls.

Plus, we show you calls that weren’t answered so you can work out if you need more staff available at certain times.

Affordable for any size business

Compass toll frees are priced from just over $6 + GST a week so they're well within reach for even small businesses... and well worth the investment.

All they have to do is quote your Business when signing up and we'll take care of the rest.  

Thank you offer available to all Compass business customers. Welcome credit applies to new Compass business accounts only.

Complete business communications

Small to medium business specialists

When your business is in the 'small to medium' bracket, you're often pushed into generic business telecommunications packages.

Not here. We bring big business features to your business without the big business price tag.

Getting telecommunications right

Getting telecommunications right is so important for any business.

'Right' means different things to different businesses though, which is why Compass provides custom business solutions, not packages.