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The secret to saving money on IT headaches and costs

Compass Cloud Hosted SolutionsInformation Technology, all businesses need it, but if you’re a small to medium sized business can you manage this cost effectively in-house?

There’s a common misconception that its cheaper to do it yourself, but how many businesses have sat down and added up what it costs to run their IT systems every year?

A rough example of the costs

You need an IT engineer with SBS knowledge to start with who easily commands an average salary of approx. $60 k per year plus related expenses such as a work mobile to be on call and training when new technology arrives. Of course you’ll need to factor in cover when they are sick or on holiday.

Then you have to account for software licence and upgrade costs plus purchase and house your expensive server and related hardware in an air conditioned, secure environment. You’ll need to back up all your business information too.

Sounds expensive right?

The secret is to get the experts to manage your IT network. Like us!

On average we find we’re able to save businesses at least 30% off what they’re currently spending in-house when they ask us to manage their IT systems

Savings from using cloud hosted solutions include:

· No budgeting surprises – only pay per user per month

· No IT or staff resourcing headaches – get an instant team of qualified experts who manage and support a full range of business solutions such as portals, desktop, Mail, server, internet, printing, phone, helpdesk, applications, networks , storage, backup…etc….

· Save on capex - no need to invest in expensive servers, instead Compass’s enterprise servers enables a business to have its own dedicated slice of the ‘server pie’ with its own operating systems, and separate security measures

· All software product Licence’s are taken care off with free updates

· Secure, secure, secure – your data is protected through monitoring and alert measures and hosted at one of two geographically diverse Compass owned NZ Data Centres so your business information is compliant with all NZ laws, rules and regulations

· Flexibility – access to your businesses IT systems and data, anywhere, anytime as long as there is an internet connection available

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When your business is in the 'small to medium' bracket, you're often pushed into generic business telecommunications packages.

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Getting telecommunications right is so important for any business.

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