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Have you got the right broadband solution for your business?


Businesses these days use a myriad of cloud based applications like accounting, banking and design software, plus video conferencing and of course phone systems.

What they deliver might differ but its clear they all have one common requirement - a quick and reliable internet connection so your business runs fast and efficiently.

When customers ask - how can we get more out of our internet? we first check if ultrafast broadband is available at that businesses location.

Top of the list for fast connection speeds is ultrafast broadband.

If yes, we’re able to install it quickly and once in place, its very reliable with few ongoing issues – it just works.

Its also a competitively priced option, rates are often similar to what a business is already spending.

If its not yet available, we’ve got a range of alternate solutions to suit all sorts of requirements, from ADSL, VDSL and even rural wireless for businesses located in hard to reach areas. Later, when ultra fast broadband becomes available we can easily switch a business onto the best access method to suit their operation.

Getting more out of the internet

Quicker upload and download times means businesses can action tasks faster than ever before. We all know how frustrating it is when your computer is running slow, many software applications used in business operations are data heavy so its a real benefit to be able to speed up this process saving time and money.

Another key advantage of having a fast and reliable connection is making use of the growing trend for video conferencing.  Staff work from all over the place these days and video conferencing is a great communication option, but it can be frustrating if your feed or sound keeps dropping out because you don’t have the right broadband connection to run it.

These are just a couple of examples we come across where ultra fast broadband is helping transform business operations, increasing revenue and saving costs.

The best is to get in touch with us, we’ll find out how your business operates and suggest the ideal connection to handle the way your business works so you can run as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

All they have to do is quote your Business when signing up and we'll take care of the rest.  

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Complete business communications

Small to medium business specialists

When your business is in the 'small to medium' bracket, you're often pushed into generic business telecommunications packages.

Not here. We bring big business features to your business without the big business price tag.

Getting telecommunications right

Getting telecommunications right is so important for any business.

'Right' means different things to different businesses though, which is why Compass provides custom business solutions, not packages.