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As featured in the National Business Review, April 17, 2015

Trying to navigate your way around cloud options?  Chris Keall talks to Compass founder and Chief Executive Karim Hussona about outsoucing IT, data sovereignty and moving the phone system to the cloud. 

Chris Keall: Why should an SME keep its IT infrastructure in a separate location?

Karim Hussona: I always ask a business owner: what would you do if you came in on a Monday and your server has blown up due to a flood or overheating, would you still be able to operate on Tuesday?

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What to consider when looking for a phone system

At any one time, a number of businesses are in the market for a new or upgraded phone system and when you’re not a telco expert, that can be a daunting exercise.

Telecommunications has a reputation for looking overly complex and exceedingly difficult to understand, so working out what you need can be a heck of a job.

So let’s simplify the shopping list down to just 2 points.

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What is the cloud and how is it good for businesses?

We’re hearing the word ‘cloud’ more and more often... cloud backup, cloud storage, cloud hosting….. it’s all in the cloud and one of particular interest to businesses today is cloud phone systems. But just what is the cloud and how is it good for businesses?

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Are toll free numbers just about picking up the tab for the call?

A toll free number is a must for any business that wants to encourage customers to call but there’s a lot more to these numbers than first meets the eye.

At its most simple, a toll free number sends every call to one phone number to be answered.

If you have more than one office though, our geographic routing feature lets you decide where each toll free call should be answered... based on where it’s coming from.

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When your business is in the 'small to medium' bracket, you're often pushed into generic business telecommunications packages.

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Getting telecommunications right is so important for any business.

'Right' means different things to different businesses though, which is why Compass provides custom business solutions, not packages.