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Fortune favours the bold


21 December 2016

Using courage and decisiveness as his personal compass, Karim Hussona built his business to become one of New Zealand’s smartest, most diverse Internet and telecommunications service providers. It’s a story of unwavering determination.

By Glenn Baker, Editor of NZBusiness.


Like all inspiring business stories, Karim Hussona’s began with a dream, was fuelled by passion and a team of dedicated supporters. And yes, there was an element of luck too.

For the Group CEO of Compass Communications it’s been a remarkable ride from uni-graduate in the UK to respected entrepreneur and business leader in New Zealand, heading an enterprise with 100-plus staff and turnover of around $70 million.

Compass is not a publicly-listed company, so its story is largely untold. We open with Karim, British-born son of an Iraqi engineer, raised in England, Iraq and Kuwait, graduating from university in the UK with an electronics engineering degree.

His first job was for newly privatised British Telecom, “then a huge, lumbering state-owned telco employing around 230,000 people”. It was followed by a stint with Cray Research, a US ‘super-computer’ manufacturer for the likes of NASA (“its hard-drives provided less storage than today’s average smartphone!”), and subsequently a job at Cable & Wireless – which had interests in telcos worldwide.

The latter was a job Karim enjoyed. The focus was managed fax products – a leading technology in the early 90s. It was there where he developed a system to exploit new technology and regulatory opportunities in order to deliver a wholesale service to operators that dramatically reduced the cost of sending faxes. In the early 90s, sending faxes was as prevalent as email is today.


Compass Communications to buy Ultracom’s UFB business

Press release ultracom1

27 January 2016

New Zealand owned and operated Compass Communications Limited has reached a conditional offer to acquire the Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) business of Ultracom, which provides telecommunications services to customers in the Northland region, using the Northpower Fibre network.

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The secret to saving money on IT headaches and costs

Compass Cloud Hosted SolutionsInformation Technology, all businesses need it, but if you’re a small to medium sized business can you manage this cost effectively in-house?

There’s a common misconception that its cheaper to do it yourself, but how many businesses have sat down and added up what it costs to run their IT systems every year?

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Have you got the right broadband solution for your business?


Businesses these days use a myriad of cloud based applications like accounting, banking and design software, plus video conferencing and of course phone systems.

What they deliver might differ but its clear they all have one common requirement - a quick and reliable internet connection so your business runs fast and efficiently.

When customers ask - how can we get more out of our internet? we first check if ultrafast broadband is available at that businesses location.

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Compass pioneers EcoCooling in NZ

We’re pioneering ecocooling technology at our new Te Rapa data centre.

With the difficulty of maintaining the operating temperatures of powerful computers among the major challenges facing data centre operators, EcoCooling is up to 90% more efficient than traditional air conditioning systems, reducing power consumption and delivering a more environmentally friendly facility.

Best of all, it does that using nothing but air and water and has no moving parts.

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